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I came across Tessah with the help of a young patient with scoliosis. When this patient, a 12 year old girl, told me that she was using Pilates to help her scoliosis I was concerned. I knew that it would take a special, very attentive instructor to modify the exercises so that they would be appropriate for the unique needs of scoliosis in a young teen. Fortunately for this patient, her Pilates instructor is Tessah Joseph. Fortunately for me and all of my patients, Tessah accepted when I invited her to work with me and help all of my patients--those with scoliosis and those without--to improve their stability, strength, flexibility, and body awareness.

For many of my patients who have heard me say over and over that without movement and exercise, your muscles and joints will not hold a treatment, we now have Tessah to help you put those words into action. She is attentive, knowledgeable, gentle, and dedicated to her work. I am so pleased that she is joining us.

Tessah writes:

I found Pilates 8 years ago and quickly discovered its effectiveness in managing pain from scoliosis. A year into practice I earned certification to bring Pilates to more people living with pain. As of June 2016, I have completed two certifications and other various specialized courses on working with injuries, special conditions and managing scoliosis.

My rehabilitative teaching style focuses on functional muscle development, core strength, and postural awareness, providing a solid foundation that complements many other treatments and exercise regimens. My scoliosis management program aligns with the Schroth Method adaptations for Pilates. Exercises focus on spinal elongation, gentle derotation and stabilization. While specific goals will vary depending on age and severity, my overall approach targets slowing progression of the scoliosis, reducing pain, and improving posture and quality of life. 

I am grateful to Dr. Russ for the opportunity to work in this environment with patients of all ages and conditions! Though I do share Dr. Russ's special interest in scoliosis, I love working with patients recovering from injury, degeneration, pain, or those that just need a little direction to help them improve their daily self-care.

If you are wondering if Tessah might be able to help you, click here to send us an email. We will be happy to answer your questions!

You can also visit Tessah's private practice website here.