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I encountered Kate at a spa in NE Portland. After a few sessions, I knew she would be a great fit in our clinic. She is caring, grounded, skilled and dedicated. She’s helped me and members of my family through injuries, stress, and repetitive strain.

I approached her with an offer to join our clinic, and I am happy to report that she accepted!

Kate began her massage journey in 2012 after moving to Portland from Philadelphia. Before becoming a massage therapist, she was an educator, caregiver and children’s yoga instructor. She is always looking for new ways to nurture and support people.  

Kate writes:

Everyone is different and dynamic, and so is every massage.  There is no standard book of instructions for working with the body, and I believe in approaching every client with a fresh outlook and an open mind.  I listen to the body and work within each client’s own framework and comfort level to craft a unique healing experience.  I combine Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Craniosacral, and Chi Nei Tsang techniques to provide a relaxing and therapeutic massage. 

Depending on the clients needs that day, I can focus on working out adhesions, trigger points and fascial holding patterns, stretching and lengthening muscles, and improving range of motion, using light to deep pressure to accommodate any client’s needs. 

I am also happy to work with light pressure and subtle deep work of Craniosacral and Chi Nei Tsang. Craniosacral uses gentle pressure to free fascial restrictions, decompress cranial bones, and improve flow of cerebrospinal fluid.  Craniosacral is deeply relaxing and beneficial for all, but especially those suffering from headaches, whiplash, traumatic brain injury, and TMJ issues.  Chi Nei Tsang does something similar, but for your organs.  Using gentle pressure to free organs from fascial restrictions that prevent them from properly functioning, as well as physically adjusting and draining the organs, Chi Nei Tsang is an incredibly healing modality for anyone, especially for digestion issues and those seeking improved gut health.

I am so happy to be working with a team of dedicated and compassionate healthcare professsionals. I look forward to meeting you!

We agree 100%! We are so happy to have Kate working with us, and I look forward to seeing you benefit from her wholehearted work.

As always, we welcome your questions. If you are interested in learning more about Kate and her approach, send us an email, call or text the front desk at 503-688-1219.