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Every body is different, every life has unique stressors, and every person responds differently to bodywork.  This is why I am dedicated to learning and developing techniques and methods to suit all kinds of people and all kinds of situations.

However, there is a basic framework which describes phases of care.  For patients with muscle and joint problems from overwork, injury, or inactivity, this framework fits quite well.  For patients seeking care for more complicated problems such as digestive issues, infections, respiratory problems, and other metabolic issues, the approach is somewhat different. 


If you are in pain when you come into our office, our first objective is to help you feel better fast.  I strive to help you begin to feel better from the first treatment, but in general, the longer a problem has been present, and the less healthy the body is overall, the longer it will take to resolve an issue.

Relief care usually consists of frequent treatment; two or three treatments per week is a common starting point.  During this stage, we are focused on decreasing pain and inflammation.


Once the initial swelling and pain have subsided, we can begin restoring mobility and realigning structures. During this phase, muscles and other tissues are reconditioned and stretched to encourage them to heal with proper alignment and form. This ensures that function is restored as much as possible.  During this stage, you will begin to have a more active role in the maintenance of your strength, flexibility, and alignment, and you will probably need less treatment. Treatment during this phase decreases in frequency, often to once per week.

Many patients first enter our practice in the restorative stage, after the initial injury has subsided but lingering symptoms or restrictions have motivated them to seek care.  We are happy to jump in at this point and help patients begin to restrengthen and mobilize!

Most patients need to increase their exercise level during this stage of their care.  We offer lots guidance and specific exercise regimens for those who need direction.

Rehabilitation and reconditioning

Once muscles, tendons, and ligaments have healed, there may be continued work to do in order to restore full strength and mobility. This consists of the patient's active exercise, stretching, and strengthening. This phase may last for weeks or months, depending on the severity of injury and the patient's commitment to their rehabilitation.


Patients usually find that they like feeling great, and that receiving a treatments on a regular basis helps. The stress of modern life is unavoidable, but can be counteracted with regular chiropractic care.

Very often, patients present to our office already well and seeking ways to stay well and feel even better. 

A typical wellness program includes direction in diet, exercise, nutrient supplementation, stress management, and a monthly check-in and treatment.  Fortunately, our treatments feel good and are enjoyable.  Our patients look forward to coming in!