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Your information is safe with us.

Russ Family Chiropractic uses a third-party service to maintain patient information, submit insurance claims, and track billing and accounts.  The name of this service is Clinic Doctor, and their website is www.clinicdr.com.  You are welcome to browse their website and learn about the system which stores our patient information.

Patient data is not stored on our office computers, but on secure servers in remote, undisclosed locations.  We're not computer experts, so why should we try to maintain a secure, encrypted database?  Clinic Doctor has professional, experienced programmers.  This system uses the highest levels of security in the field, with secure data servers and encrypted data transfer methods.

 We don't collect credit card information or social security numbers.

Even though our system is secure, we only collect the information that is required in order to maintain a complete and legally compliant patient record.  We see no reason to take unnecessary risks.

Don't let concerns about the security of your personal information interfere with the continuity of your healthcare.  Whether or not you choose to work with us, please find a clinic that has an up-to-date, secure patient information system.