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We bill insurance.

 We understand that you have paid for your insurance policy and want to use it.  We also know that some would not be able to afford the care they need without the insurance company's contribution.  Our policy is to bill insurance claims for all patients who have verified chiropractic benefits on their policy.  If you plan to use insurance to help pay for your care, please read the rest of this page.  It outlines patients' financial responsibility, and has important information that may affect you financially.

How it works

First, your coverage must be verified.  This requires a phone call to your insurance company with your insurance card in hand.  There are detailed instructions for completing this on this form: Verifying Insurance Coverage (PDF).  We will gladly double-check the verification for you.

Once your coverage is verified, our office will generate a claim for each visit, will track payment of the claim, and will keep accurate records of your account.

Your insurance plan may have deductibles and co-payments which require you to pay for some of your treatment out-of-pocket.  It is important for you to know and understand your coverage before you begin treatment.  Our office will help track your deductible and co-payments, however you are responsible for keeping track of your benefits.

Dr. Russ is not an in-network or participating provider with any insurance plan.

Being out-of-network means that Dr. Russ creates treatment plans and determines how much time to spend with each patient based solely on the patient's needs, not on insurance company policy or pre-set limit.  The decision to remain out-of-network was made after years of experience trying to work within the restrictions of insurance panels.  To deliver high quality, personalized, effective care, it is necessary to be free of these restrictions.

If the insurance company denies payment, or pays only part of the fee, you are responsible for paying the balance.

Auto accidents are treated at no cost to the patient.

By Oregon law, your auto insurance policy contains Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage which allows you to see the provider of your choice for treatment of any accident-related injuries, with no deductible or copayment.  This means no out-of-pocket expense for the patient as long as the treatment is for injuries directly related to an auto accident.  We will need the insurance company name, billing address, the name of the claim adjuster, and a claim number.  We'll do the rest.

Significant discounts for full payment at the time of treatment.

Our fees reflect the time spent billing and tracking claims.  If we are paid in full at the time of treatment, then we discount the fee to reflect the decreased work.  This way, uninsured patients are not paying for us to collect on behalf of insured patients.  The discount is between 15% and 25% depending on the particular treatment.  Our fee schedule is available in the History, Services, Fees, and Consent Form (PDF).

For some insurance plans, it costs less for the patient to pay at the time of treatment even if they have coverage.  In these cases, we will still create a claim and submit it to the insurer, with instructions for the insurer to send payment to the patient.  The discount is applied whether or not we bill the visit as long as we are paid at the time of treatment.