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Our word "doctor" is from the Latin "docere," which means "to teach".

I love having my hands on people and helping them feel better through the art and science of bodywork, but it's no fun treating the same problem on the same person over and over. I would rather provide you with the tools you need to heal! That's why I teach my patients how to support themselves in being as healthy as possible.

When I consider the roots of a patient's problem I think of health and wellness as being composed of three main components.

Structural health: muscles that freely move; good circulation of blood and lymph; strong and stable joints; healthy body awareness, balance, and coordination.

Chemical health: adequate intake of nutrients and water; smooth metabolism; healthy digestion; appropriate support for biochemical systems such as energy production, tissue healing, and detoxification.

Mental and emotional  health: adequate rest, relaxation, and relief from stress; community and relationships; forgiveness; optimism; peace.

I can't provide everything to everybody, but I can be an influence for positive change, and I take that responsibility to heart. I do my best to connect with each and every patient and provide honest, informed support for healing on each of these levels.

The articles in this section are just a sample of my thinking on some of these subjects. Please click around! As always, send me an email or give me a call if you would like to discuss anything on these pages.

Thank you!!