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All athletes deal with injury, and some athletes have to work hard to overcome disadvantages or disabilities.

I'm inspired by everyone who is committed to health and fitness, and more so by those who choose to stick it out despite tough circumstances. I recall a very fit young patient, blessed with strength, length, height, great balance, and explosive power who tore his ACL during a promising collegiate basketball career. He knew that he had a long road to restore full function (and confidence) in his knee, and he was willing to do whatever needed to be done to get there.

He first came to me because his lower back had started to have problems because he had been limping for months on that knee. We were able to help his lower back feel better, which helped his whole lower body, and supported the therapy he was doing on the knee.

A man in his 50's had taken a very bad fall over her handlebars while touring on his road bike. He had fractured his neck and sustained some damage to his spinal cord. His neck and arms would never again function with the strength they once had, but he was determined to make them as good as they could be. Our role in this case was to provide support for his muscles and joints as he reconditioned them. He needed bodywork, but also needed someone to provide him with feedback when it seemed like he was pushing too hard.

If you're dealing with chronic injury, disability, or rehabilitating from a major setback, we can help. My techniques are modifiable and my experience is great enough to allow me to provide direction and help you set goals and boundaries.

If you're not sure whether you can benefit from working with me, I invite you to call or email me anytime. I'll be happy to discuss your unique situation, your goals, and give you an idea of how I might proceed.